The Group Access

The Group Access
Zujo allows the tutor to choose the accessibility of his lecture views, being specific who can view the lecture and learnings provided by the tutor.

After selecting your preferred teaching mode i.e.,

  1. Pre - Recorded Course
  2. Live - Program Course
  1. You will reach the next step, where choices are to be made by you.
  2. The tutor has to decide who will get benefited from his teaching.
  3. There is a choice given to the tutor to choose for who can access their lecture as shown in the picture below

Here you see two distinguishes options to make further process done in the right Zujo manner

  • Course options are displayed after you choose between pre-recorded lecture-type or live program lecture-type
  • Let us understand this concept in detail

Public Course

  • A public course is a course where a tutor imparts education publicly i.e., open for all. This course is designed for those tutors who wish to deliver their idea to the whole community for growing better in the specified knowledge field.
  • The knowledge of the tutor here is marked open for everyone and all the learners can pick the tutor guidance from the open platform.

Private Course

  • In a private course, the tutor imparts his knowledge to a closed group, where the students are provided with an invite link by the tutor accessible for the course. Only those students can join the course who have the link accessibility.
  • There are only a few students who learn what the tutor teaches. The link provided to them is the only key for a closed group lecture program

How to add your course

There are some simple steps after you decide between a private and a public course


  • Select the type between Public Course and Private Course

STEP 2 - Enter the details in the course intro

  1. Mention the title of your course (minimum 5 words needed for better understanding).
  2. Enter the description of your course (Introduce your course in the most attractive way possible).
  3. Describe the course category you are teaching from the drop-down menu
  4. Add a thumbnail to your course (Idea of the day - Add the thumbnail which shows a visible course type with a small description of your course).
  5. Mark the checkbox if the course content is not graded for a kid learning
  6. Click on NEXT and PROCEED
Here you complete a process of what you will teach to your students. In the next step, you will learn about making your course- free or a paid access.
Follow the link that guides you through the monetary discussions and decisions which you take for publishing your learning.

Click on the Link Below.

Is it Free or Charged?
Zujo allows a tutor to impart his teaching free as well as teaching with profits. A tutor can choose wisely whether he wishes to charge some fee...


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