The Educators' Guide

The Educators' Guide
Dear Educators, you have been among the most inspiring people on the globe. Each appreciation for you is less. You have been the most important element to make people learn their rights and believing in them.

In this emerging and fast-growing tech world, education also took a slide into learning over the internet. brings you with this facility of teaching students with an online approach. We aim at building a community of learners where no knowledge comes limited.

The stage is all yours, we provide you the platform and become a part of bringing change in students with your thoughts and skills to bring up a better future.

Once you decide to enter the Zujo World with your teaching ideas, you need to follow a procedure for reaching the final goal, that is interacting with the students, imparting your knowledge. Let us begin with the process.

Follow the basic steps

  • Register your email and sign in with
  • Please note, you will be notified with an OTP on your email
  • Once you register and sign in, you will be redirected to a page
  • Click on the BECOME A TEACHER button which is on the top right corner
  • You are landing on the page from where you will start your journey of being an educator at
  • Look into a wide range of opportunities that Zujo provides you as a teacher
  • START TEACHING IN 3 MINS click on the tab
  • Hurray!! Welcome, Dear Educator!

You will see two options lying down:

  • Pre-Recorded Course
  • Live Program Course
Select the type of medium through which you want to educate. Remember you can change of teaching medium as per your convenience in every new lecture.
Note: Zujo allows a tutor to present oneself in the most creative way and for that, we provide them with the maximum flexibility in teaching. Having had got yourself familiar with the basic registering process, Zujo allows multiple selections to make teaching as per your desired manner. Let’s understand some terms to make the further processes easier for you.

Pre Recorded Course

This course allows a tutor to present a self-recorded course, which the students can see as per their ease. The pre-recorded lecture makes the tutor record lectures in advance as per their convenience.

In a pre-recorded course, the tutor can publish videos and articles or both for better teaching. This course can be segregated in four different ways. The tutor can choose any as per their choice.

Live Program Course

This course allows the tutor to present a live class to the students, where they explain everything on a live stream. The students can interact in between the lectures with the tutor. The doubts can be solved therein. This helps the tutor to help the students within the lecture.

The tutor can also work on explaing the students with the help of presentations for better learning and teaching experience. Live Program Course Works with the help of two modes, the tutor can chose his preferred modeof teaching.

Interactive Meetings

An interactive meeting is a part of live-program course, where the students can interact with the tutor in the same course via the chatbox of the meeting. Total of six people can share a screen discussion on allowance by the tutor.

Live Streaming

A live streaming course is where the tutor gets accessibility to teach more than 1000 students at once. Doubts can be solved via chatbox. The idea of live streaming is designed so that tutors can present their lecture in a smooth flow, later on answering the chat box.

Free Course

A free course is the one where the tutor teaches without charging any penny from the students. This is whole total a choice of the tutor whether he wishes to teach the students free of cost or not.

A paid course is a course where the tutor charges a certain amount from the students from the knowledge he imparts to them. A certain conveyance is charged by Zujo based on your course charge.

Public Course

A public course is crafted by a tutor for the whole community of learners. In this type of course, anyone can access the content of the tutor, specifically what he teaches. This knowledge is for everyone.

Private Course

In this type of course, a tutor gets the right to invite a certain bunch of students for their lecture. He can invite the students via a link to the meeting. Only those students who the tutor has invited can attend the course.

Flexible Teaching Choices

There are several choices for a tutor to deliver their best to the students. Several choices are designed and grouped, which tutor can choose per course for the quality teaching. The list shows the types of teaching patterns through which a tutor can teach.

  1. Pre-recorded course + Free Course + Public Course
  2. Pre-recorded course + Free Course + Private Course
  3. Pre-recorded course + Paid Course + Public Course
  4. Pre-recorded course + Paid Course + Private Course
  5. Live Program Course + Free Course + Public Course
  6. Live Program Course + Free Course + Private Course
  7. Live Program Course + Paid Course + Public Course
  8. Live Program Course + Paid Course + Private Course

Additional Important Details

  • The tutor needs to describe the importance of his course lecture to familiarise students with the topics covered
  • A properly visible thumbnail must be posted to make your course highlighted
  • Proper date and time must be mentioned in case of live program lectures schedules
  • To ask questions to the mass, the tutor can prepare a question sheet from the COURSE menu
  • Your course content will be scrutinized by the Zujo Team before publishing it on the Zujo Platform.
Zujo works on a fundamental idea of delivering learnings to engage the future in mastery. We believe that the learners of today will become the leaders of the next gen. This platform focuses on making each one skillful, developing expertise above par. Being a tutor at Zujo, gives one an opportunity to develop a culture of your own, bringing change in the current learning environment.

To make your course published in the easiest way possible, click below.

Make them learn in your way
Zujo is a platform that helps teachers to teach in the most flexible manner. A tutor here enjoys the benefits of teaching in their own flair and elegance.

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