Make them learn in your way

Make them learn in your way
Zujo is a platform that helps teachers to teach in the most flexible manner. A tutor here enjoys the benefits of teaching in their own flair and elegance.

The modes of teaching at Zujo

After registering as a tutor with Zujo, let us move forward gradually to the next steps to be followed to make learning interactions fun.

Let us understand each term in detail before making a choice and proceeding to the next step.

Pre-recorded Course

A pre-recorded course is a mode of teaching where the tutor can record his lecture in advance and can publish it for the best study for the students.

In a pre-recorded lecture the tutor has the benefit of scheduling the lecture as per his ease, that is, he can record them any time at his ease with all the creativity which he can put at once.

In such lectures, the tutor can publish videos and articles of his teaching for the students and can answer their doubts later via email.

This mode requires no live interaction with the students which makes the lecture delivery fast and uninterrupted.

Live Program Courses

This course type is presented with pupil attendees on a live background. Here the teachers can teach topics live interacting with the students via chatbox or screen attendance of students.

The tutor can prepare his content and can present it live at the session. He can make presentations to support his approaching teaching style within the live classes with the screen sharing option to make teaching the best.

The tutor can schedule pre-decided live lectures and post them on their timeline for awareness of the students.

The benefit of a live program is that a tutor can take live lectures, ask questions, interact with students, solve doubts and make it communicative. This helps in creating a lecture more understandable

Live Program Course can be held in 2 different manners:

  1. Interactive Meeting
  2. Live Streaming

We will interact in detail about their functioning in the next blogs.

So here is a short and simple description of how a tutor can teach a community. For the next step of how to publish a course, please refer to the link provided below.

The Group Access
Zujo allows the tutor to choose the accessibility of his lecture views, being specific who can view the lecture and learnings provided by the tutor.

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