Submit, Schedule, Publish

Submit, Schedule, Publish

This is the most important blog of all as it will make you design and publish your entire course. Here in this blog, you will understand how to finalize your course to make it visible on the Zujo website.

Note, this blog is divided into two sub-parts

a) How to submit & publish your PRE-RECORDED Course

b) How to schedule & publish your LIVE PROGRAM Course

Submit your Pre-Recorded Course

Once you decide your course type i.e., free course or paid course, you will have to add your course details for the final publish

  • Add what will the students learn, and see the preview
  • Click on NEXT and PROCEED
  • Enter the number of free demo courses (if your course is paid), which you wish to deliver to the students. Remember if you do not plan to give any, mark it ZERO.
  • Mention what will the students learn, and see the preview on the right side.
  • Click NEXT and PROCEED
  • Once you proceed further, you will be shown a slide which informs you about uploading your course profile.
  • Click on Add Unit
  • Start adding your planned units, using the add tool
  • Mention a clarified description of your units
  • Click on DONE, placed on the right side of your course unit
  • After clicking on DONE, you will be required to add articles and episodes in each unit.
  • The below pictures shows the process of adding articles and videos to your course.
  • Add articles and videos of your prepared course and save them.
  • Click on PUBLISH, you are just one step away from publishing and scheduling your course.
  • Remember that, your course will be first reviewed by Zujo and then will be added to the course list.
Here you complete the procedure of publishing a PRE-RECORDED COURSE.

Schedule your Live Program Course

Scheduling a live program course, a tutor needs to add his schedule, precisely, they need to describe about the time and mode of delivering his lecture.

  • Once you select the course type i.e., Free or Paid Course, you will be redirected to the next part of the procedure- ADDING COURSE DETAILS.
  • In case of free live program course, you will not need to add trial lectures, reason being all your courses are free of cost.
  • In case of paid course, add the number of trial lectures you wish to provide to the students. Remember it can be ZERO as well, depending on your choice.
  • Coming back to adding details, add the start and end dates of your course.
  • Now add the timings to be followed
  • Next add what will the students learn, you can see the preview on the right.
  • Click on NEXT
  • You are on a new page. Click on CREATE SCHEDULE
  • Add a poster of your course
  • Remember to add a clear informative title to your live course
  • Describe about your course. Do not make it too lengthy
  • Add the start and end timings again

You will see two options:

  1. Interactive Meeting
  2. Live Streaming

Choose one and click on SCHEDULE

Interactive meeting

An interactive meeting is a part of Live Program Course only.
  • This meeting allows a tutor to make his interactive presence among the students. He can allow the students to ask doubts in the session itself.
  • This mode of meeting allows students to ask queries over the given chatbox. The tutor can answer them in the meeting itself.
  • We also aid sharing of the screen by the tutor
  • Only the tutor has the right to allow the microphone and web-cam access to the students
  • Meanwhile a tutor can share the window with maximum six participants in case of discussions.
  • The tutor can also frame questions for the students, from the course menu
  • This mode of meeting is ideal to a tutor who wishes to make his interaction with the students.  

Live Streaming

A Live Streaming is a part of Live Program Course only.
  • In live streaming, a tutor is allowed to make his course presented live
  • There is a smooth flow of presenting, as the students cannot ask doubts over the microphone. They can just write the doubts over chat box.
  • Tutor can answer the questions as per his convenience.
  • This mode of presentation is suggested when the tutor wants his lecture to be presented without any disturbance of student microphone or web-cam.

Here you complete the procedure of publishing a LIVE PROGRAM COURSE.

Important Detail for Private Course

For both Pre-recorded Course and Live Program Course
  • A Private Course always asks for a room for closed student group. It allows lectures only to the students whom the tutor wants to teach.
  • For this activity, the tutor has to provide the meeting link to the students
  • The student list can be viewed in the invitee list .
  • Your files will be encoded and published

You complete the whole process here. We will be assisting you each time. Thanks for reading.

Being a tutor is always a strenuous task, but even in hard times a tutor manages to deliver his best because he worries and concerns for the future.

This process helps you achieve your aim to make a community worth living and Zujo always looks foir serving learning over everything and anything. Collaborating with Zujo as a tutor will take you to an another level experience of teaching,
Thanks for collaborating with Zujo. Your talent, effort and skill will always be cherished and appreciated.

You are ready to become a teacher!

Become a Teacher
The stage is all yours! Employ your shining expertise here on the ZUJO platform and make a change. Let your thoughts and knowledge contribute towards a greater future. Let’s step ahead towards building the community worth living.

Be a worthy one! You are amazing!

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