Is it Free or Charged?

Is it Free or Charged?

Zujo allows a tutor to impart his teaching free as well as teaching with profits. A tutor can choose wisely whether he wishes to charge some fee from the students or make it free of cost just for learning purposes, giving knowledge to the students.

You are displayed with two options on your screen, CHOOSE ONE

a) Free Course

b) Paid Course



  • A free course leads a tutor to teach and impart knowledge free of costs to the students. The students can avail learning without paying a single penny.
  • Being it a free course, there will be no conveyance cost charged by Zujo.
  • In case of free course, a tutor will be directly shown the next step, i.e., adding the course details

  • A paid course includes costs levied on the students. The tutor can charge costs according to his course and lecture.
  • He is also provided with an option of whether he wants to give students some demo lectures. It is the whole total choice of the tutor to provide demo trials or not.
  • The amount which the tutor charges, an additional conveyance of 40% is charged by Zujo
  • A GST of 18% is also added to the total amount. Refer to the picture below.
  • Click NEXT and PROCEED
We are nearly done with the process of publishing the course, just a few more steps to follow and we can start the teaching led by you
Follow the image to get yourself acquainted with the further step

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