Become a Teacher

The stage is all yours! Employ your shining expertise here on the ZUJO platform and make a change. Let your thoughts and knowledge contribute towards a greater future. Let's step ahead towards building the community worth living.

Live Class Scheduling

Develop and build strong communication with the learners. Schedule the lectures at your convenience! Bring up your amazing knowledge on the platform and educate the learners with your unbelievable thoughts and ideas.

Live Question Set

Create some amazing skill-set questions for the students while delivering a lecture. Bring out their actual potential with your twisted yet interesting examination. Review their learnings and allow them to learn to the full. Become an extraordinary educator with your easy-grasping knowledge.

Live Meetings

Design your course and interact with the students. Believe us, this could be one of the best learning experiences for the students. Your idea towards imparting knowledge gets amplified by knowing the actual capability of the students. We believe in you and make your interaction so powerful that you become an integral part of learning.

Live Streaming

Stream your knowledge live for the students. Make your presence for the current time as well as for future reference for the students. The well-explained course makes an everlasting memory for the students, engaging them in activities worth living, cultivating leadership learned from you, and bringing change for the community.

Private Course

Make your courses visible to the students only you allow. Build up lectures for a limited group of students and teach them as a personal tutor. Keep up the meeting private with the people you want to build your community of learning with. Make students count on your tutoring, while you bring them up as powerful leaders.

Become the ambassador

The opportunity must be grabbed. Join the whole-hearted community, teach, inspire, create and achieve the change you want to see in the future. Join as an ambassador and promote yourself, your knowledge, and inspire the clan. Become a part of the journey and explore the actual you!

What are you waiting for?

Make your expertise worth to the learning commune. Connect your objectives in developing a world-class experience, switching to better learning

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